Commit 5161d890 authored by Kevin Lyda's avatar Kevin Lyda 💬
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Fix whitelisted users.

Not sure why, but this was completely broken. Not sure what I'd been
parent d4cbe2ca
......@@ -38,8 +38,10 @@ def main(argv):
log = check.LogCounter()
print('Checking correctness of %s' % argv[1])
return check.check_crontab(argv[1], log, get_whitelisted_users(argv))
(options, args) = get_whitelisted_users(argv)
for crontab in args[1:]:
print('Checking correctness of %s' % crontab)
return check.check_crontab(crontab, log, options['whitelisted_users'])
def get_whitelisted_users(argv):
"""Gets the list of whitelisted users, if any.
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