Commit 66955b6f authored by Kevin Lyda's avatar Kevin Lyda 💬

More pylint placating.

Also added some dist_clean dirs to remove and info on using coverage.
parent cb233338
......@@ -32,6 +32,10 @@ Contributions are welcome! Please add unit tests for new features
or bug fixes. To run all the unit tests run ``./setup test``.
If you have `tox`_ installed, just run ``tox``.
You can review `coverage`_ of added tests by running
``coverage run test`` and then running
``coverage report -m``.
Note that tests are run on `Travis`_ for all supported python
versions whenever the tree on github is pushed to.
......@@ -54,5 +58,6 @@ Credits
- `Kevin Lyda`_: Who got burned one too many times by broken crontabs.
.. _`tox`:
.. _`coverage`:
.. _`Travis`:!/lyda/chkcrontab
.. _`Kevin Lyda`:
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -64,9 +64,9 @@ class CleanCmd(Command):
def run(self):
# Configure for this project.
suffixes2del = [ 'MANIFEST', '.pyc', 'chkcrontabc' ]
dirs2del = [ './build', './dist' ]
dirs2ign = [ './.git' ]
suffixes2del = ['MANIFEST', '.pyc', 'chkcrontabc']
dirs2del = ['./build', './dist', './.tox', './.coverage']
dirs2ign = ['./.git']
# End config.
doomed = set()
# Change to base dir.
......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ if 'setuptools' not in dir():
author='Kevin Lyda',
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