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Merge a few more config numbers.

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......@@ -70,20 +70,17 @@ type DevConfig struct {
BackLightTimeoutSeconds int8 `struct:"int8"`
IdleTitleDisplayMode int8 `struct:"int8"`
AlarmCPMValue int16 `struct:"int16,big"`
CalibrationCPMHiByte0 byte `struct:"byte"`
CalibrationCPMLoByte0 byte `struct:"byte"`
CalibrationCPM0 byte `struct:"int16,big"`
CalibrationSvUcByte3p0 byte `struct:"byte"`
CalibrationSvUcByte2p0 byte `struct:"byte"`
CalibrationSvUcByte1p0 byte `struct:"byte"`
CalibrationSvUcByte0p0 byte `struct:"byte"`
CalibrationCPMHiByte1 byte `struct:"byte"`
CalibrationCPMLoByte1 byte `struct:"byte"`
CalibrationCPM1 byte `struct:"int16,big"`
CalibrationSvUcByte3p1 byte `struct:"byte"`
CalibrationSvUcByte2p1 byte `struct:"byte"`
CalibrationSvUcByte1p1 byte `struct:"byte"`
CalibrationSvUcByte0p1 byte `struct:"byte"`
CalibrationCPMHiByte2 byte `struct:"byte"`
CalibrationCPMLoByte2 byte `struct:"byte"`
CalibrationCPM2 byte `struct:"int16,big"`
CalibrationSvUcByte3p2 byte `struct:"byte"`
CalibrationSvUcByte2p2 byte `struct:"byte"`
CalibrationSvUcByte1p2 byte `struct:"byte"`
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