Commit 40a00da1 authored by Kevin Lyda's avatar Kevin Lyda 💬

Add CI bits (should fail).

parent f08d9286
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image: lyda/golang:1.7
type: test
- mkdir -p /go/src/
- ln -s $PWD /go/src/
- cd /go/src/
- ./
#! /bin/sh
# This can be used as a pre-commit script. Just run
# cp .git/hooks/pre-commit
# and it will run before each commit.
set -xue
go list ./... | grep -v vendor/ | xargs go test
gofmt -d $(find * -type f -name '*.go' | grep -v vendor/)
go list ./... |grep -v vendor/ | xargs go vet
if ! type -f golint > /dev/null; then
go get -u
go list ./... |grep -v vendor/ | xargs -L1 golint -set_exit_status
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