Commit 0fe34b82 authored by Richard Hartmann's avatar Richard Hartmann
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Merge pull request #198 from ohspite/fix-git-version-parsing

Fix git version parsing when there are spaces
parents 8ae70a31 6909ac8d
......@@ -476,7 +476,7 @@ write_gitignore() {
cd "$VCSH_BASE" || fatal "could not enter '$VCSH_BASE'" 11
local GIT_VERSION=$(git --version)
local GIT_VERSION="$(git --version)"
local GIT_VERSION_MAJOR=$(echo $GIT_VERSION | sed -n 's/.* \([0-9]\)\..*/\1/p')
local GIT_VERSION_MINOR=$(echo $GIT_VERSION | sed -n 's/.* \([0-9]\)\.\([0-9]\)\..*/\2/p')
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