Commit b469b65f authored by Kevin Lyda's avatar Kevin Lyda 💬
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Fix version processing on BSD systems.

BSD systems ship with the original sed; lacking a host of GNU
extensions. However both GNU sed and POSIX sed support the -E flag
for extended regular expressions which are close to the change this
is replacing.

See the descriptions of extended REs in IEEE Std 1003.2 (aka POSIX.2)
or re_format(7) on BSD systems. What matters for this is that the
+ operator works and that it and the grouping operators no longer
need to be escaped.
parent 978b5a89
......@@ -166,7 +166,7 @@ clone() {
You should add files to your new repository."
GIT_VERSION_MAJOR=$(git --version | sed -n 's/.* \([0-9]\+\)\..*/\1/p' )
GIT_VERSION_MAJOR=$(git --version | sed -E -n 's/.* ([0-9]+)\..*/\1/p' )
if [ 1 -lt "$GIT_VERSION_MAJOR" ];then
git fetch origin "$VCSH_BRANCH"
......@@ -482,8 +482,8 @@ write_gitignore() {
cd "$VCSH_BASE" || fatal "could not enter '$VCSH_BASE'" 11
local GIT_VERSION="$(git --version)"
local GIT_VERSION_MAJOR=$(echo $GIT_VERSION | sed -n 's/.* \([0-9]\+\)\..*/\1/p')
local GIT_VERSION_MINOR=$(echo $GIT_VERSION | sed -n 's/.* \([0-9]\+\)\.\([0-9]\+\)\..*/\2/p')
local GIT_VERSION_MAJOR=$(echo $GIT_VERSION | sed -E -n 's/.* ([0-9]+)\..*/\1/p')
local GIT_VERSION_MINOR=$(echo $GIT_VERSION | sed -E -n 's/.* ([0-9]+)\.([0-9]+)\..*/\2/p')
IFS=$(printf '\n\t')
gitignores=$(for file in $(git ls-files); do
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